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Boy! It was a hot one this past weekend, but that didn’t stop the crowds from coming down to the Des Moines Art Festival!

The streets were filled with vendors presenting their different types of art. Personally, I am no artist, nor have a creative bone in my body, so seeing all sorts of art pieces fascinated me. Not only could you purchase art, but there were stands that allowed you to make art yourself. For example, the Knotty Nail hosted an interactive experience which gave yourself a break from the heat and a fun time making your own sign!

When walking east on Locust, there was TONS of food vendors, but also live music! There was a smaller venue to eat, drink, and listen to music, but also a larger stage the whole day for big concerts, adding a lively element to the event. As the night came, the cool temperatures brought in another crowd to enjoy music and drinks.

What a fun and sunny weekend to celebrate different types of art and the creative artists all around the metro area! Definitely an event for anyone. Family, friends, you name it!