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This last week posed some challenges because of the heat, but Downtown Des Moines came through just fine.

Starting with Tuesday, we visited a Poetry Slam for our 1st time ever. I have to say, the experience felt kind of like wearing a shirt a size or two too small. But still fascinating the way this community comes together to express themselves. I do feel compelled to write something and take a shot at putting something out there. We’ll see….

Wednesday, traipsed up the hill to Alba. Great dinner, and I always try some new, unique cocktail. Great place. Maybe a trip to the bar area for their Monday burger/cocktail special is up next.

Thursday was looking grim because of the heat, but the Botanical Center stepped up and moved the Social Irrigation concert inside. Great move, very comfortable. Chad Elliott and the Redemptions were fantastic.

Friday was hot, but we still stepped outside and shot up to Captain Roy’s for dinner. Such pleasant people there, and a great setting. We even went out on the deck overlooking the river as the sun was setting and it was really quite comfortable. Is hanging by the river on a summer evening the best, or what?!

The picture for this post tells you a bit about our Saturday. Hit the warm and muggy Farmers Market. It just struck me how relentless that event is. Vendors, organizers, attendees just always show up and this iconic Downtown event marches on. It truly is a heartbeat that moves downtown and our city.

Anyway, among the things we picked up were peaches, tomatoes and blue cheese. I sliced a tomato and peach,crumbled some blue cheese, a little salt and pepper, finished with some lemongrass mint vinagrette (Allspice in East Village) and we have a great snack!

Today we wrap up the week with Brace Katz and Andy Harman at Noce! Phenomenal talent, blues rock – what’s not to like!

See you on the Sidewalk!