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Once a month The Botanical Garden has “Yoga at the Garden” where they bring in a different yoga instructor to teach their techniques.

I am not flexible, nor patient so this was much needed for me! I have always been intrigued by yoga and what it can do for your body and mind, and why not have a wonderful view of the Botanical Garden while you’re at it?

This class was wonderful. I loved being able to relieve some stress as well as regroup on my thoughts and feelings.

I think the most interesting part for me though was learning about the instructor, Hayley. Before class she talked a little about her story. She said she had a corporate job for awhile, then quit and moved to India for a bit to learn their practice of yoga and meditation. Now she’s instructing back in Des Moines. How cool is that? It made me appreciate the practice more knowing how passionate someone was about it.

In addition to just being an enjoyable time with friends, it definitely enhanced my mindfulness and allowed me to let go of things whether they were in my thoughts or the aches in my body.

This class is super easy to sign up for and anyone can join! More information