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Given the unprecedented circumstances, DowntowNow has considered what is our best response at this time.

First, to our Downtown businesses. We will continue to post events and specials we know of yours. If there is anything we are missing, or any special message you want to send out via this site, please let me know. We are behind you in how you plan to move forward and keep the doors open and Downtown as the place to be, if your customers are going to be anywhere! We will be suspending our weekly preview for the time being, however, as events can and have been changing, and we also don’t want to be oblivious to the consideration people have to make to getting out on the town. It is not business as usual right now, obviously.

We will continue to interview you for our Sidewalk Talk sessions. People still want to know and enjoy the stakeholders in Downtown Des Moines, and we are committed to presenting you in a fun and interesting manner. The current circumstances have presented DowntowNow with much more availability for interviews the week of the 22nd. Please reach out to me here to get on the schedule and get your video story out there.

Customers, encourage you to , of course, use your best judgment in being out and about. But check for the latest on what is going on in the core and the Est Village. And double check you r event with the venue itself to be sure to be up to date on changes, cancellations, postponements, etc. Also, take advantage of delivery and carry out options at the restaurants downtown. And take the opportunity to buy gift cards to use when this episode is over.

Know also that many of the establishments have doubled their already strong efforts to provide clean and safe environments. They are doing there bast to get us all through this disruptive event with consideration and diligence.