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Get your cigars and fedora’s out folks! DowntowNOW is sponsoring another food giveaway! This time, Tanya at Ceviche has come up with take and bake cubanos, that most delicious of cuban cuisine sandwiches, to hand out FREE to our food and beverage industry workers!

From 2-4, or as sandwich supply lasts, Ceviche will hand out curbside 1 sandwich per person. While targeted to the service industry workers, come on over if you need a jolt of kindness and grab a sandwich.

Service workers, and anyone who knows of someone in need of a lift, please share this post with others in need, even just for a moment of acknowledgement that someone is thinking about them.

Thanks you for those who contributed to make this happen! More funds continue to come in, and we will be doing more giveaways around downtown! Stay tuned. Like share follow, DowntowNOW on FB, @DowntowNOWDSM on Instagram.