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In The Core Downtown

Sidewalk Talk Episode 19 – Kitchen Collage

Ladies and gentleman we are bringing Sidewalk Talk's back! Here is a segment with Kitchen Collage of Des Moines. We had such a great time there and did you know they have cooking classes?? Learn more in our video! ...

Unwinding with Yoga at the Garden

Once a month The Botanical Garden has "Yoga at the Garden" where they bring in a different yoga instructor to teach their techniques. I am not flexible, nor patient so this was much needed for me! I have always been intrigued by yoga and what it can do for your body...

Cooking with Alessandro!

I have to admit I haven't been to one of her classes, but regularly on Thursday there is a cooking class at her kitchen in the East Village. I have heard only raving reviews. I'm definitely putting this on the to do list in the very short term!...


Your guide to what is happening in core Downtown Des Moines!

From Music to Happy Hours, Special Events to Dining options, DowntowNow shows you where the action is in the core Downtown.